Elisabetta Gregoraci, Flavio Briatore breaks the silence while flirting with Giulio Fratini

Elisabetta Gregoraci, Flavio Briatore breaks the silence while flirting with Giulio Fratini

Elizabeth Gregoraci is one of the most popular faces of the Italian show and for that reason his fans can only follow his love life with some interest. In fact, the showgirl has been back at the center of gossip for her (alleged) relationship for a few weeks now Giulio Fratiniknown for its history with Roberta Morise. Flavio Briatore, who has been very present in his ex’s life for a long time, speaks now.

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini: Flavio Briatore speaks

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about an alleged flirt between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini. The entrepreneur is known to gossip fans for his previous relationshipsfirst with Raffaella Fico and later with Roberta Morise.

Soverato’s showgirl has neither confirmed nor denied the relationship with the man who is twelve years his junior. but it was Flavio Briatore who decided on this matter, who regularly dates his ex-wife because of his son, Nathan Falco, who was born of their marriage 11 years ago.

Roberto Alessi, the director of Novella 2000, reached out to the manager with a request to clarify the (alleged) love story between Gregoraci and Fratini. But from what we read in the tabloid, Briatore’s answer would be unequivocal as she would categorically rule out any relationship between the two: “I don’t believe‘ he told the weekly’s microphones.

It’s not yet clear if it’s just gossip or if a feeling really blossomed between the two: meanwhile, the showgirl and the businessman have reportedly been spotted several times in and out of a club in Forte dei Marmi owned by Flavio Briatore Settings that appear intimate.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the relationship with Briatore and love

Though he never confirmed the news, many are now confident in Elisabetta Gregoraci’s new relationship with Giulio Fratini. The scoop was published by DiPiù magazine, even though the showgirl was only released a few months ago She had given an interview in which she claimed to be single because in his opinion that he is so strong and independent – not to mention the presence in his life of a Ex-husband like Flavio Briatorefrightened men. But now things may have changed.

It was the weekly newspaper that spread the news of an acquaintance between Gregoraci and Fratini: the two of them they would have met at Forte dei Marmion the occasion of the inauguration of a new store, and apparently they have been spotted together in good company on several occasions.

In the meantime, however, Elisabetta has by no means given up on quality time with her whole family: after a wonderful holiday in Kenya with her ex-husband and little Nathan Falco last winter, she spent wonderful days with his extended family in Capri with his son Briatore and Leni Klum, the entrepreneur’s daughter who emerged from the relationship with Heidi Klum.

He always wanted to keep a relationship of affection and respect with her ex-husband, especially out of love for Nathan Falco: “We remain a family even if we are no longer together. We spend a lot of time with our son, that’s the most important thing,” he told Verissimo some time ago.