1674376402 Elisabetta Canalis is back on TV a big surprise heres

Elisabetta Canalis is back on TV: a big surprise, here’s which channel

Elisabetta Canalis is back on TV a big surprise heres

New commitment for Elizabeth Canalis. Former Velina could return to TV after Cover Lives flop. Although the showgirl is highly courted by many networks, any of them would have succeeded in having her at the helm of a new show. It’s about heaven. According to the weekly Vero, Canalis will host a program focused on the world of fashion, a subject the 44-year-old Sardinian is well acquainted with thanks to her work as a model around the world and her passion for bags and shoes.

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The ex Velina currently lives with her husband in Los Angeles Brian Perr and the daughter Skyler Eve. However, the showgirl’s dream is to return to Italy once her husband, an orthopedist, retires. Their story originated in 2012 when they both attended a Halloween party.

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Two years later they married and Elisabetta decided to temporarily put her career on hold. So she finally moved to the United States and became Skyler Eva’s mother in 2015. Just last year, Canalis decided to return to Italy to take over the management of Cover Lives. However, the TV8 broadcast ended early due to the low ratings.