Elisa Esposito, Prof. in italics in crisis with her friend Davide Gentile: “They said she loves me less”

Elisa Esposito, Prof. in italics in crisis with her friend Davide Gentile: “They said she loves me less”

Elisa Esposito and Davide Gentile would have gone. He on TikTok: “I will stand up stronger than before”.

Elisa Esposito Prof in italics in crisis with her friend

Elisha Esposito is the popular Prof. in italics who gained followers on TikTok and divided public opinion. Very engaged with another tiktoker, David Kind, at least until recently. According to Webboh, the portal specializing in the history of the TikTok world, the two would have left. A few clues make him think first: The two no longer follow each other. On Instagram, Elisa Esposito posted a story with a black background and covered her heart with a blindfold. The song chosen is “My Memory” and a very sad reference: “They always told me: love a little less. I was wondering if you know who I really am.” Davide on TikTok also seems to confirm everything: “Even though it’s over, I know you’ll think of me when…”. When the two of them don’t make things up, it really feels over.

On Fanpage.it, Elisa Esposito said to herself: “I’m a very simple girl, I just finished school. I just graduated I” . A month ago, the 19-year-old decided to shoot a video with her boyfriend: “In the video I spoke corsivœ. It blew up and got six million views.” TikToker then told us what Corsivœ is and who are the people who speak it: “Cörsivœ is a spoken word and they made it up to make fun of Milanese girls. As a Milanese, I’ve heard my friends talk like that too, so I made of started making these videos from there to popularize this “speech”.

Who is Davide Gentile?

Davide Gentile is a Tiktoker who, as Elisa Esposito himself explained, has the character of a Prof. di Italivo: “I owe everything to my friend,” he told Novella 2000. Davide Gentile on Tiktok is “friendly” and has almost half a million followers . In his latest video, he admits, “I’m having a hard time, but I’ll get up stronger than before.”

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