Eliana Explained Why Shed Asked For Separation From Husband In

Eliana Explained Why She’d Asked For Separation From Husband In The Past After Enduring A Nightmare: ‘I Told Him’

Eliana says she considered leaving her husband when she miscarried

Eliana and Adriano Ricco have been together since 2015 and have gone through some trials in these almost 7 years of marriage. For those who don’t remember, before giving birth to Manuella, the blonde suffered a miscarriage.

This was one of the most complicated periods of her life and it was Adriano Ricco who gave her the support she needed to get through this bad period. During an interview with Thais Fersoza’s channel, Eliana said that when she lost her son, she thought about ending the marriage so that her husband could find someone else to inherit.

“I had an abortion, I lost it, before Manu. And I thought I wouldn’t get pregnant again. I even said to Adriano at the time: ‘Look, I’m in my early 40s and I think in a good way, if you want to be a father, I would tell you to look for another path, just like we love each other , everything and stuff… I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Eliana said.

Although the way was clear for Ricco, he proved to be a good husband and made sure that the most important thing was to be by the blonde’s side. “I heard something so cool from him back then that it motivated me to stay in the relationship with even more love. Then he said whether I could have a child or not, he loved me and wanted to be with me. That really motivated me. It was very strong for me,” revealed Eliana.


She also commented that Adriano’s support is paramount: “It was a difficult decision for me at that moment, but: ‘If it’s better for you, go.’ And then he decided to stay, and we were fine, we were happy, etc. Because I think such a loss affects the feelings of the couple a lot. It’s very difficult, it’s not easy.”

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According to the blonde, although she loved her husband dearly, the blonde thought about breaking up and letting him go so he could fulfill his dream of being a father. However, as not all is sadness, the couple has currently managed to conceive little Manuela and they remain firm and strong.

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