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Elena Sofia Ricci, the sad confession after the farewell: "I can’t die…" Kronic

Elena Sofia Ricci and the confession that leaves fans of the woman speechless: that’s what she said, the details of the story

Throughout her career she has won and received several prizes and recognitions that have made her one of the most extraordinary women in the artistic and cinematographic panorama of Italy: we are talking about her, the fantastic Elena Sofia Ricci. During his career he has won 3 David di Donatello, 3 Silver Ribbons, 1 Golden Globe, 4 Golden Ciak, 1 Golden Grolla, 1 Rodolfo Valentino Award, 1 Alberto Sordi Award, a Kineo Diamanti Award at the Venice Film Festival and twice Telegatto. The woman left everyone speechless with her confession.

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The woman is the daughter of historian Paolo Barucchieri and set designer Elena Ricci Poccetto, she made her debut in theater at a young age. She stands out in the cinema thanks to Pupi Avati’s film, which allows her to win the Golden Globe for best actress in a revelation. Her characters have made her really known and with an undoubted talent, which has allowed her to receive various awards and has acted in various fictions such as Orgoglio, I Cesaroni, in which she played together the role of Lucia Liguori, Giulio’s and Caro Maestro’s wife, plays to introduce Emilio Solfrizzi. .

When they awarded her the Ciak D’Oro, they gave a motivation that perfectly describes her character and great talent: “She has managed to become a classic among Italian families and cinema enthusiasts. And his presence always triggers one in the female characters vein of petty madness“.

The woman made an important confession that left fans speechless.

The Revelation by Elena Sofia Ricci

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One of the most loved series by the Italian audience is the one that sees the actress Elena Sofia Ricci in the role of Sister Angela, God help us. The woman played this role for six issues, but a possible “replacement” is not excluded, as was the case with Don Matteo.

Revealing that the next season of May God Help Us will be her last, the woman confessed, “Like I said right away, I wouldn’t have been able to do a full cycle of episodes due to other commitments I’ve made before, for example. flowers over hell. So I’ll only be there for the first three episodes and two more moments, one in the middle and one at the end of the season, just to have time to say goodbye.

When asked by the journalist if she had ever thought about quitting acting, she replied: “Not that you’d remember. However, 2017 while I was shooting God help us and nothing else came because the cinema didn’t consider me except Ferzan Özpetek and Ricky Tognazzi, I had a moment of desperation: I can’t die at 55 (professionally) disguised as a nun! At that moment I decided to go back to the theater I had left to be close to my two daughters: in the home library I found Arthur Miller’s broken glass, it had been there for 25 years – I did the math – but I had never opened, i was waiting for the right age. Something has been unlocked: My agent called me to say that Paolo Sorrentino wanted to see me. Did Paolo Sorrentino want me, the nationally popular one? I thought he had the wrong number.”