Elena Santarelli how she found out about her sons tumor

Elena Santarelli: how she found out about her son’s tumor and how Giacomo is doing today

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In an interview with Corriere della Sera Elena Santarelli she was talking about it again Son Giacomo’s tumor had thirteen years ago by her husband Bernardo Corradi. The disease has turned the life of the whole family upside down, but today, fortunately, the child won his most important battle.

How Elena Santarelli discovered her son’s cancer

The Latina showgirl revealed how she found out about her son’s tumor: At one point, the then eight-year-old Giacomo, a healthy and calm child like everyone else, began to suffer severe headache and vomiting. Both very common.

Elena immediately understood that something was wrong, but could not figure out what. Getting to the diagnosis, as Santarelli himself admitted, was the first difficulty. After in-depth research and analysis The dramatic truth: Little Corradi had a brain tumor.

Santarelli indicated that he was determined during those years the help of a psychologist which meant she and her husband, former footballer Bernardo Corradi, were better able to cope with daily fears and anxieties. The presence of the parents is also crucial: Elena’s mother has moved into their house.

Today James is healedShe is doing well and growing well, but Elena Santarelli emphasized:

“We are back to normal as much as possible, we are happy. If you then ask me if I go to bed at night like I did before November 30, 2017, I will answer no. I have one big thought more than many other moms struggling with 13 year old kids and I’m not the same Elena anymore. I celebrate Christmas Eve, but I also think of those who are in the oncology ward with their child. But we had a great lesson and among the different lessons there are also about being thankful and enjoying every day to the fullest.”

How is Elena Santarelli and Bernardi Corradi’s son doing today?

Giacomo has known the truth about his health from the start. He knows what he had, and he knows it too The tumor can come back, for this reason it is subject to routine controls. As his mother Elena Santarelli revealed, he is a happy, relaxed boy, he is not angry with life.

His parents taught him to think with a winning mind, without fears or self-pity. He hiccuped pretty badly but got over it and we’re moving on. Elena Santarelli and Bernardo Corradi also have another daughter, Gretawho is now seven years old.