Electricity at a discount: Legault sets the record straight

Electricity at a discount: Legault sets the record straight

Angered by various opinions that have been expressed since the announcement of Sophie Brochu’s departure as head of Hydro-Québec, François Legault assures us that it is primarily to the advantage of Quebecers that companies buy their electricity at a discount.

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“Since Sophie Brochu’s resignation last Monday […] I’ve heard all sorts of comments, then I think it’s unfair, the prime minister lamented during a press conference in the National Assembly. I think it’s important for everyone to understand that we’re all working for the good of Quebecers.”

In response to questions from journalists on the sidelines of a Council of Ministers meeting, the CAQ chairman attempted to refute this perception that the government would work in the interest of business first.

“Me there, when I get up in the morning, I work first for the good of Quebecers, not for the good of corporations first,” he stressed. This also applies to Pierre Fitzgibbon [le superministre de l’Énergie]the same goes for Sophie Brochu and the same goes for the next President of Hydro-Québec.

No discounts without fallout

While the Prime Minister acknowledges that “in the past, governments have signed contracts where the electricity rebates were lower than the additional revenue for the Quebec government”, he assures that this is no longer the case.

“We will never give a rebate on the electricity price without ensuring that the additional revenue for the Quebec government is greater than this rebate,” repeated François Legault.

To reiterate, the CAQ leader also doesn’t think current Hydro-Québec CEO Sophie Brochu, who is due to step down next April, would warn about the risk of turning Quebec into a “dollarama” of electricity , as was the case last fall, after the election.

“Since that time we have had time to explain ourselves. I don’t think she would do that again today,” commented Mr. Legault.

“In December, he said, we had a meeting with the Business Secretary, the Finance Secretary, the Environment Secretary, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Sophie Brochu, then we agreed to say: Hydro-Quebec should never sign a treaty if the rebate provided is greater than the additional revenue for the Quebec government.”

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