Elections in Spain All data A third of the votes

Elections in Spain All data: A third of the votes were polled. Head to head between the Socialists and the People’s Party. Male Vox

July 23, 2023 10:12 p.m

Popular Party overtakes Socialists: 70% of the vote

Overtaking the PP to the PSOE 131 with 128 seats, while the vote in Spain is almost 70% (69.97%). Vox is third with 33 seats, fourth is Sumar with 30. It should be stressed that the votes from Madrid, a popular stronghold, enter the total count, the data for which appear to have experienced some lag.

July 23, 2023 21:52

50% of the votes checked: duel between the PP and the Socialists

Halfway through the counting of the votes, there is still a neck-and-neck race between the Psoe and the PP. The Sánchez Socialists are currently doing better than expected, winning 131 seats. 130, instead that of the popular Feijóo. Vox follows with 31 seats, a significant drop compared to the previous election, and Sumar, just behind the far-right party with 30 seats.

July 23, 2023 9:49 p.m

The overall turnout is 68.23%

The overall turnout in the early parliamentary elections in Spain was 68.23 percent. This was announced by the Interior Ministry of Madrid. The final data showed a 2.12 percent increase from the 2019 election.

July 23, 2023 21:48

Vox in decline calls for ‘caution’: ‘We await final results’

Vox avoids responding to polls released after polling stations close for the snap general election. “Be careful, we are waiting for the final results,” urged Ignacio Garriga, Secretary General of Vox. According to Sigma Dos, Vox would go from 52 MPs to somewhere between 24 and 27. In the case of the Gad3 poll, Santiago Abascal would have around 31 seats. A sharp drop that does not worry the Vox leadership at the moment, as they deny the polls any credibility, as reported by El Mundo.

July 23, 2023 21:37

A third of the votes were vetted: head-to-head between Sanchez and Feijóo. Evil Vox

Sánchez’s Socialists and the Popular Party go head-to-head after examining nearly a third of the votes. Psoe is currently tied with the PP on 131 seats. Male Vox is currently losing 20 seats compared to the last election but finishes third. Next comes the new left coalition Sumar with 28 seats.

July 23, 2023 21:29

The first results: Sanchez in the lead

After the polls closed on the Canary Islands, the counting of the political elections in Spain began at 9 p.m. According to 25% of the ballots examined, Sánchez’s Socialist Party is in first place with 133 seats, followed by the Popular Party, which is considered the favorite with 127 seats. Vox, the far right party, follows with 33 seats and Sumar, the new left coalition, with 27 seats.

July 23, 2023 8:44 p.m

Who is Feijoo, the leader of the PP and potential new Spanish Prime Minister?

Born in a small town in Galicia in deep rural Spain, Alberto Núñez Feijóo was an aspiring judge as a young man. Now he is just one step away from assuming the presidency of the Spanish government. The 61-year-old senator has been leading the People’s Party for 15 months. His royal pledge is to “repeal sanchismo” as the opposition defines the style and governing behavior of his socialist rival Pedro Sánchez, a mix of decision-making, cynicism and arrogance, they say.

In the past he was territorial leader: there are no less than four consecutive terms as Galician governor (2009-2022). However, in February 2022, the people clamored for his descent into the national arena in order to put the party in order. The aim is to lead the PP, which has been weakened by judicial scandals, back to the glory days of the past. With a “moderate” and “calm” line that he claims to promote, he seems a far cry from the ultraconservatives of Vox, which the election polls show is necessary for the majority. “I don’t share Vox’s vision of the autonomous state, nor his vision of climate change, nor his vision of sexist violence, nor his way of dealing with controversy,” he says.

July 23, 2023 8:34 p.m

Spanish media: “Feijoo will rule, but he will need Vox”

“Spain buries Sanchismo. Feijoo will govern, but he will need Vox’s support.” This is the headline from the Spanish media, which is closing polling stations for the snap political elections, the first to be held in Spain in the middle of summer. Defeated the PSOE of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who called early general elections after losing May 29 regional and local elections. According to the Gad3 poll for Telecinco, the sum of MPs won by the PP (from a minimum of 147 to a maximum of 153) together with those who went to Vox (29-33 and 27 as the most likely number) will open a new political cycle and put an end to five years of Sanchismo. Together, the EPP and Vox will have the 176 seats needed for an absolute majority in Parliament. Gad3’s vote distribution makes it impossible for Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to continue to lead the government.