Election 2022: Let’s act now for the seniors of today and tomorrow

Election 2022: Let’s act now for the seniors of today and tomorrow

The past two years have proven that seniors make an invaluable contribution to our society, particularly as grandparents, caregivers, professionals and volunteers.

We must ensure that all these builders of modern Quebec can age with dignity and respect.

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Law 101 at CEGEP a must to reverse the decline

The political class must use the forthcoming election campaign to bring elder issues to the fore.

At Réseau FADOQ we demand that electoral commitments translate into concrete actions soon after the October 3rd elections.

A turning point for seniors

Whether health, taxes, the job market or housing, there are many needs to ensure an adequate quality of life for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors.

At Réseau FADOQ we have published an electoral platform presenting 15 of our demands.

Quebecers want to grow old at home. Home care must become a national priority. A clear commitment from all political parties is required here and the transformation of the healthcare system must be shifted into second gear.

The rising cost of living is hitting everyone hard, but especially low-income seniors. They must be financially supported for certain basic needs such as dental care and the purchase of glasses and hearing aids.

Experts keep repeating it: Experienced workers are a solution to the labor shortage. Political parties must commit to making the Québec Pension Plan (QPP) more flexible to encourage more experienced workers to remain in or return to the labor market.

In particular, we recommend doubling the period during which a beneficiary can choose to no longer receive their QPP pension.

More than ever, legal changes are needed to better protect older renters. Excluding RPAs from the provisions of Section F of the lease would be a step in the right direction to avoid abusive rent increases in buildings less than five years old.

Let’s develop our society

After the election campaign, the elected officials must tackle these numerous projects quickly in order to do justice to the aging of the population.

While this situation is a fact, at Réseau FADOQ we believe it should not be viewed through a pessimistic lens. It is important to work on proactive and innovative solutions that allow our society to develop positively in the face of this reality.

Politicians, organizations and citizens, let’s all act together now to build a Quebec City that ages well.

Gisele Tasse-Goodman
President of the FADOQ network

Platform link: https://www.fadoq.ca/reseau/actualites/communique/elections-quebec-2022-plateforme-revendications