Election 2022 Celebrities report insomnia and fear of the election

Election 2022: Celebrities report insomnia and fear of the election

It was difficult to sleep this Sunday the 2nd. All night, Twitter users reported insomnia and anxiety about finding the polling stations and voting for candidates in this year’s election. From anonymous to famous, it was hard to fall asleep. You have it?

Right at the change from Saturday to Sunday, the comedian Paulo Viera published: “who can sleep”. Just over 20,000 people had favorited the tweet as of 6am today. And more than a thousand comments agreed on the difficulty of sleeping.

who can sleep

— PAULO VIEIRA (@PauloVieiraReal) October 2, 2022

The singer Teresa Christina also had difficulties and adapted a phrase familiar to users of the bird network to play with the situation: “How to sleep Google search”. The president of CUFA Brasil went through the same thing.

How to sleep Google search

— Teresa Cristina (@TeresaCristina) October 2, 2022

Tico Santa Cruz searched his profile for colleagues with insomniacs. More than 11,000 people liked the post. Besides sleep, Brazilians see today as crucial, although it’s uncertain whether the country will have a second round or not.

The need for sleep is gone. And you there?

— PRETO ZEZÉ (@pretozeze) October 2, 2022

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The profile “Babi” reported the same difficulty, as did “Central Reality”, which in the past watched shows for hours at dawn, and the satire “Differentona. The “igucampos” account tried to summarize: “A thousand fears about this election … a mixture of relief and concern”.

Fear of thousands with this election… a mixture of relief and worry

— igu (@igucampos) October 2, 2022

Despite favoring PT candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who garnered almost 51% of valid votes according to Média Esstadão Dados, it is uncertain to say that the presidential election will end this Sunday. The sensible voting campaign also had no effect in the last polls. Bolsonaro now has 36% of the valid votes.