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“El Rey” Zambada, the last witness in García Luna’s trial, decides not to testify

Jesús 'Rey' Zambada after his arrest in October 2008.Jesús ‘Rey’ Zambada, after his arrest in October 2008. Archive

Jesús El Rey Zambada, brother of El Mayo Zambada, one of the founders of the Sinaloa cartel along with El Chapo Guzmán, was the last prosecution witness to appear in the trial of Genaro García Luna, the former security minister during the government of Felipe Calderon. Mexico’s former anti-drug czar has told Judge Brian Cogan he will not testify in his defense round. Moments later, Zambada began his statement, “The leaders [de los carteles] They always try to have relationships at the highest level [del Gobierno]’ the drug dealer said during his interrogation. “They could work very safely,” he added.

El Rey Zambada’s testimony closes the carousel of testimonies against García Luna after prosecutors changed course last week by announcing they would not be calling any more people to appear in court in Brooklyn, New York. The turnaround of the US authorities changes everything that was planned: it shortens the planned times, whirls the political debate and forces the parties to make important decisions.

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