Eiza González and the red leggings she wore to tie up in West Hollywood |

Eiza González and the red leggings she wore to tie up in West Hollywood |

Singer Eiza Gonzales was caught by paparazzi going to the gym West HollywoodCalifornia.

She flaunted her spectacular figure by wearing a tight sports outfit red leggings and a matching crop top that showed her off narrow waist and flat stomach.

The 32-year-old Mexican is constantly spotted drinking coffee and this time she’s brought a red glass of Versace, another drink in a plastic cup, her cell phone and a donut to hold her hair.


Photo: Grosby Group

Although she will train, she does not forget about glamour. She wore sunglasses and several jewelry accessories on her ears and hands.

She was later spotted in a blue mango shirt, black leggings and cowboy boots, hopping on the cowgirl trend.

The Mexican has learned to love her body. In an interview with Shape magazine, she explained that she’s reached an age where she feels confident.

“This girl I see in the mirror is who I am and I have to love her. I don’t want to judge her. I want to give my body this constant message that I’m grateful that it’s staying healthy.”

Eiza Gonzales says that after a pandemic, we should be more grateful to our bodies because they are doing too much to keep us alive.

About five years ago, she felt insecure when she went to the beach and the paparazzi photographed her legs cellulite. Now that discomfort is gone and he feels sexy when he sees her butt with small dimples.

Over time, he also learned to do sports to feel good and not just to pursue the goal of losing weight.

In his routine, he does three workouts: lifting weights with lots of weight and low reps to tone the buttocks; Cardio combines with exercise and Pilates to work the muscles.

Eiza Gonzales has become one of Highest-grossing actresses in Hollywoodbut will soon appear in the extrapolation series of AppleTV+. The story focuses on the effects of climate change on the world through interconnected stories.

The cast of extrapolations includes Meryl Streep, Tobey Maguire and Forest Whitaker, among many others. An air date for the eight-episode series has yet to be announced.

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