“Either you change or you’re out”

“Either you change or you’re out”

After the confrontation that took place with the professor last week Raymond TodaroThe dancer Mathias ZenzolaCompetitor from Amici 22, was called to the studio by his teacher.

This opens the umpteenth controversy about the attitude of the student, which has been shown accordingly for some time Todaro, clear signs of immaturity. The Latin American teacher pointed out the 18-year-old’s lack of seriousness in class Umberto Gaudino to enter the studio.

The former student, who works side by side with the teacher every day, confirms the version and explains:

Getting to the point: I’m having trouble tackling the lessons, finding the right method to get you to do things. On their part, there is often a closed and sometimes even negative attitude towards the choreography or various corrections and much more. My job is to bring the best of you to this stage and I’m failing because I don’t have an answer from the other side.

The dancer of the most famous talent in Italy that in recent days He constantly feels mocked by his friends at Amici 22 schoolHe admits that he doesn’t have the right attitude in class, but cannot explain why to the commission, which asks him for clarification.

He intervenes immediately Alexandra Celentanowho hassled the boy, emphasizing that “usually in schools, if a student doesn’t produce, after the teacher has done everything, he’s out”.

Todaro however, he is convinced that his student is the same and urges him again to change his behavior.

If you think you can change, then you are valid for me, you have talent. But you’re not fine like this, you can go out tonight. You have enough talent and progress, but that alone is enough. If you don’t change, you’re out.