Eduin Cazs house is flooded his luxury was under water

Eduin Caz’s house is flooded; his luxury was under water: "it was worth it" TV Notes

  • Eduin Caz got a big surprise when he returned home with his wife after attending an event.
  • In a video you can see how his luxury got wet and he was surprised what happened.
  • Apparently the water came from the pool at home.

through a video that Edwin Caz shared, it was possible to know that some luxury goods that the “Grupo Firme” singer had were ruined when they got wet.

It turns out Eduin Caz went viral for announcing that they found this when he returned from an event with his wife Daisy Anahy his home had flooded areas.

Though the singer didn’t provide details, he took it with humor as he imitated SpongeBob’s viral TikTok audio, which read, “We painted the whole house and without leaving a drop of paint… what’s that?”

The singer was so amazed to discover more and more areas covered by water like his pool tablewho exclaimed, “No, what the hell? Fuck you.”

Eduin Caz's house is flooded

At the same time He went to his pool and with one ‘Britney Signal’ He commented, “I’ll fill you with dirt.”

Eduin wrote in the video, “Family Worth”However, it is unknown if he was able to fix it now and how much money he lost as a result of what happened.

Eduin Caz's house is flooded