Eduardo Antonio on Angelina Castro quotThis woman is a coconut

Eduardo Antonio on Angelina Castro: "This woman is a coconut in my life"

EdwardAntonioHe confessed that he felt a special admiration, a crazy attraction, a “toxic morbidity” for the Cuban adult film actress Angelina Castro.

In a recent interview with Dominican influencer Destino Positivo, the Divo de Placetas said he would have loved to have been an actor in a Triple X movie if his partner had been Angelina Castro.

This woman is a coconut in my life. “Yes, this woman…” said the artist. The Dominican didn’t quite understand the expression and asked Eduardo to elaborate “What’s that with a coconut?”. The Cuban answered bluntly, “It’s a toxic disease that you can feel.”

This fragment of the interview was shared by Destino Positivo on his social networks, and Angelina responded with an amorous smiley.

The sensual Cuban artist thanked her EdwardAntonio this admiration mixed with desire that the singer feels for her.

Angelina and Edward They have a good friendship and even joked in a video on Instagram with a scene where they kiss in the middle of a Miami street.

El Divo shared the video with the message: “EdwardAntonio Go back to the closet with Angelina Castro‘, then he revised it to make it more correct, adding the phrase, ‘God raises them and the devil gathers them.’

Angelina Castro He has over a million followers on Instagram. The curvy model and influencer, maintains direct communication with your audience. She is well known in the highly competitive United States adult film industry.

In several interviews she has defended the image of women with plus sizes. With his messages he helps them to strengthen themselves and to exploit the most sensual side of each personality.

EdwardAntonio The married to Roy Garcia. A few weeks ago they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. The singer is in love with his partner and described life with him as a “wonderful love adventure”.