Edu Guedes exposed affair and relationship with band reporter exposed

Edu Guedes exposed affair and relationship with band reporter exposed

Record gossip revealed the chef is having an affair with a fellow band member

Ed Guedes, one of Brazil’s most wellknown presenters, prefers to keep his intimate life out of the spotlight. However, the head of the band did not expect that some old friends from his time with Record would uncover his new affair.

That’s right, during the last edition of Hora da Venenosa, within the Balanço Geral SP, Fabiola and Gottino revealed that Edu Guedes would be in love Jaqueline Ciocci, Faustão reporter at Band.

The two hired from Morumbi StationThey even posed together at a race Edu attended in Sao Paulo last weekend.

“Tell us Fabiola, who steals Edu Guede’s heart?” Gottino asked. “Guys, she’s a reporter for Faustão, her name is Jaqueline Ciocci,” revealed Fabiola Reipert and showed photos of the alleged couple for the record.

Edu Guedes would get to know Jaqueline Ciocci, Faustão's reporter at BandPhoto: Reproduction/Record, betterEdu Guedes would get to know Jaqueline Ciocci, Faustão’s reporter at BandPhoto: Reproduction/Record, better

“They get to know each other better. This photo where they are together was on the weekend now I received this photo. They get to know each other better, see if they can date,” the journalist said, making it clear that the two have not publicly entered into a relationship.

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Edu Guedes (Photo: Publicity/Band)

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“I love Edu, he’s a good boy,” said Renato Lombardi, a commentator for the show. “That it works very well, we’re very happy, Edu is a wonderful guy,” praised Gottino.

“He’s a pilot, isn’t he?” Judite asked the snake, raising the ball for a pun by the presenter. “He is, he drives everything, car and stove,” said Lombardi. “And now he flies a plane too. A kiss for Edu,” Gottino finished, laughing.

Jaqueline Ciocci, Faustão reporter, would be Edu Guedes' new loveJaqueline Ciocci, reporter for Faustão, would be Edu Guedes’ new love Photo: Disclosure/Band


Before the affair with the member of Faustão in the Band, Edu Guedes already had relationships with famous people on television.

For those who don’t remember, the chef was married to presenter Eliana for 3 years and then stayed with businesswoman Daniela Zurita for 4 years, with whom he had a daughter: Maria Eduarda, 13 years old.

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