Edoardo Donnamaria and Micol Incorvaia comment on Antonella Fiordelisis transfer

Edoardo Donnamaria and Micol Incorvaia comment on Antonella Fiordelisi’s transfer Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

“How are you?” he asks micol to Edwardlocked in the van while the other Vipponi train.

“Not good,” the boy replies sadly, tempted by thousands discussions had with me in the last few days Antonella.

The two friends find themselves in a crisis again and have decided to distance themselves. Her story now seems to be over and the young VIP feels the dilemma.

“In the end it’s difficult,” the young Roman comments resignedly. He’s fed up with the influencer’s constant provocations, he’s really fed up with the situation that has arisen.

“It seems that there is no solution at the moment,” says Micol, sorry to see him in pain. The only solution would be to continue their acquaintance outside the home.

But Edoardo wants to send a clear signal, he can no longer bear to be teased and provoked by her. She even accused him of following a script, despite seeing how bad it was. “You really have no dignity,” he says disappointedly, adding immediately afterwards: “You must be doing well here.”

For Micol, the assumptions are wrong: Antonella cannot save her reputation by disparaging her boyfriend.

Edoardo is now convinced that Antonella has a role, but he does not judge her. He will not be the one telling her how to live the experience. However, he didn’t want to get involved in his games. She stopped asking him to stay away in their fights and cried because she felt helpless. All of this seems terribly wrong to him.

“I thought she had changed,” comments Micol, noting an improvement in the girl.

The VIP asks a question: did Antonella change her attitude towards him or just because she understood that she had to moderate herself?

Micol also has the same doubts and thinks about the true personality of the influencer.

In short, the Donnalisis accuse each other of lying and are no longer able to trust each other. Both seem exhausted and reconciliation is becoming increasingly distant.