Edge Insider Canary Channel could get up to two new

Edge Insider Canary Channel could get up to two new builds per day

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The Canary Edge Insider Channel is a platform Microsoft uses to test updates and features before they reach general availability. For example, the August Edge Canary update had a more consistent dark mode.

Updates tend to be made daily on Canary Channel, which often includes hidden features that the user has to dive into to discover. However, the platform is sometimes prone to bugs and instabilities, so developers take their time and use the feedback they receive from Insiders to improve these issues before releasing updates and features to a wider audience.

And now Microsoft has announced that Edge Canary Insiders will get up to two new builds per day. However, Microsoft has further indicated that it will not roll out two updates per day.

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Getting our new Code Insiders available even faster means we can capitalize on the great, early feedback we get from you every day.

These updates happen automatically every time you close your browser, although Microsoft has emphasized that it’s acceptable for users to continue using older versions.

In other Edge-related news, Outlook for the web has been optimized to fit in the Edge sidebar, improving the user experience. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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