Ed Sheeran releases version of 2step with Brazilian rapper Chefin

Ed Sheeran releases version of “2step” with Brazilian rapper Chefin

Singer Ed Sheeran has released a version of the song

Singer Ed Sheeran has released a version of the song “Step” with Brazilian rapper Chefin. Photo: Tom Nicholson/REUTERS and Instagram/@chefinoficial

the british singer Ed Sheeran released a version for the song 2step in partnership with the Brazilian rapper boss this Monday the 16th

With the right to an excerpt sung in Portuguese, the song is now available on all digital platforms.

Boss, known for the hit 212She celebrated the launch on social networks. “God is very good and just,” the rapper wrote while singing the verses of the song in the stories Instagram.

The version is part of a project of a series of remixes by 2tep created by Ed Sheeran with artists from different parts of the world.

According to the singer’s official information profile, in addition to Brazil, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Australia, France, Great Britain, Ireland and Ukraine will be part of the project.

The last country even won a version in protest of the War. In the official music video with the rapper little babyEd said he shot the scenes Kyivthe country’s capital “before the devastating acts of violence began to take hold”.

All earnings from music views youtube will be donated to Ukraine.

Listen to the version with the Brazilian boss:

*Internship supervised by Charlise de Morais