Ecuadors president could face impeachment says MP

Ecuador’s president could face impeachment, says MP

Pazmiño affirmed that there was evidence that Lasso received $500,000 million from drug trafficking in that Andean nation.

“This could offer us a constitutional solution and the possibility of a political trial against President Lasso,” Pazmiño said.

Corruption scandals have further weakened Guillermo Lasso’s government, while various voices are calling for his resignation, a political trial, recall or so-called cross-death as legal ways to end his mandate and anticipate elections.

This Monday, an Ecuadorian intelligence report revealed the Ecuadorian president’s alleged links to the Albanian mafia and drug trafficking. A situation that, according to several analysts, could bring forward the end of his mandate in Ecuador.

As digital outlet La Posta reports, a report by the National Police’s anti-narcotics unit proves the high-level drug trade’s “strong ties” to the government through Danilo Carrera, the alleged brother-in-law of the president’s corruption plot mastermind. .

The new revelations add to the alleged existence of a corruption network in public companies in the energy sector, the so-called Caso Encuentro.