1675356977 Ecuador will make an offer to Gareca but they have

Ecuador will make an offer to Gareca but they have a DT called up to Peru as a plan B

Ecuador will make an offer to Gareca but they have

As revealed by El Canal del Fútbol, ​​the former coach of the Peru team is the FEF’s main wish; but they also keep in touch with another strategist.

The first on the list. The start of the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup is becoming less and less and some teams have not yet determined their respective coaches. In that sense, Ecuador is one of those squads that wants to do it as soon as possible and everything indicates that the chosen one is Ricardo Garcia.

The press from the north announced that an offer will be made to the former coach of the Peru team in the next few hours; However, if they are unsuccessful, Argentinian Sebastián Beccacece is considered a second alternative.

“The federation does not give up negotiations with Gareca and the great desire remains. It is also true that there has been a rapprochement with Beccacece. I understand that an outsider close to Beccacece presented them with a project and the FEF landed I like it very much”, explained the journalist Germán Gallardo in El Canal del Fútbol.

Although no agreement has yet been reached with Gareca to take Gustavo Alfaro’s place, there is a lot of optimism over an eventual yes for Tigers.

“That doesn’t mean that Gareca is completely down today. The information we have is that the FEF will make a formal offer to Gareca and it will depend on him whether he accepts it or not, or whether he makes a counter-offer,” he added.

Which teams has Ricardo Gareca managed?

  • Cordoba workshops (Argentina)
  • Colon de Santa Fe (Argentina)
  • Quilmes (Argentina)
  • Argentine Juniors (Argentina)
  • Cali America (Colombia)
  • Independent Santa Fe (Colombia)
  • University of Sports
  • Velez Sarsfield (Argentina)
  • Palm Trees (Brazil)
  • Peruvian team