ECONOMY: Timber price decreases       Styria

ECONOMY: Timber price decreases Styria


After the big price increase at the beginning of the pandemic, the price of wood in Styria seems to be relaxing again. Both for wood as a building material and for wood as fuel. Biomass was cheaper by up to 18%, he said.

01/17/2023 07/26

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With the CoV pandemic, Styrian wood has also become significantly more expensive. Timber prices have risen by around a third in 2020.

Fluctuations are always present

But now the situation seems to be improving somewhat, says Christian Hammer, managing director of proHolz Steiermark, the Styrian timber and forestry association.

“Squared wood prices are in line with the market and have stabilized well. We really try to give builders the best prices possible. However, price fluctuations of plus or minus ten percent are always possible and normal. Also in the energy sector, for wood chips, firewood and pellets, starting from a very high level, a relaxation of around 18% can already be felt”, says Hammer.

Further price reductions possible

The reason for the easing: According to Hammer, the timber market has stabilized again after the turmoil of the war in Ukraine. “All around, warehouses for wood construction and also for industry are well stocked. And we look to the future with optimism”, says Hammer, because it is entirely possible that wood prices will fall even further in the coming months.

Unattainable pre-pandemic price levels

“We are probably assuming that markets will stabilize. The signs do not indicate that things are going uphill, quite the contrary. Then the relaxation came “, says Hammer. However, most likely there will no longer be a price plateau for wood as it was before the pandemic.