Ecologists will try to ban private planes in France

Ecologists will try to ban private planes in France

The national secretary of the Europe Ecology The Greens (EELV) party, Julien Bayou, announced today the intention to present a bill banning private planes in France, arguing to curb the pollution they cause.

How to ask the population for an effort, how to envision a fair ecological transition when the richest are exempt from everything, the MP told the Liberation newspaper as he fleshed out his idea of ​​promoting a text for it in the National Assembly to the media predict little chance of success.

According to Bayou, parliamentarians from the left-wing New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) bloc, to which EELV is affiliated, and even some of the ruling party’s allies would be ready to back the proposal, which would enter the chamber in the fall. .

The environmental leader did not rule out promoting the same issue at European level, in a context where the impact on nature of private planes, megayachts and other modes of transport used by billionaires seems to be a cause for concern.

In this sense, the newspaper Le Figaro published this Saturday that in France on social networks, the movements of private jets have been followed for a few weeks by sites such as CelebrityJets on Twitter.

For Bayou, the ban, if implemented, would affect a minimal number of people in favor of a larger cause, which is protecting the planet from climate change.

We are on the same planet but not the same world, he stressed, referring to those who enjoy privileges that cause pollution.