Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, death toll rises to over 41,000 | Assad ready to reopen crossings between the two countries for aid


A week off earthquake who fell on his knees Syria and TurkeyThe number of fatalities continues to increase: the confirmed dead are over 41 thousand, but there is no official estimate of how many people might still be buried under the rubble. However, the Turkish media speaks of over 70,000 people, including adults and children. The time for relief measures is now running out: “The recovery phase after the earthquake is coming to an end,” said UN aid chief Martin Griffiths from Aleppo in northern Syria.

“Damascus has agreed to open border crossings” Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s decision to open the two border crossings, Bab Al Salam and Al RĂ ee, to allow for the timely delivery of humanitarian aid. “As the number of earthquakes continues to rise, providing food, nutrition, shelter, shelter, winter supplies and other life-saving supplies to the millions affected is of the utmost urgency,” said Guterres, who stressed, “The opening of these crossings is in addition to facilitating the… humanitarian access, speeding up visa approvals and making travel easier, will allow more aid to come in faster.”