Earthquake on Zelensky the bald policeman and Mattarella So today

Earthquake on Zelensky, the bald policeman and Mattarella: So, today…

– Merciless portrait of Domenico Quirico in the press, entirely dedicated Zelensky. In summary: He was an unloved leader who, with the war, found the perfect role for himself, that of the hero of the resistance, who decides nothing (the USA thinks of everything), but acts as the front man of the situation. Quirico claims: things went well in the first part of the war, but now we have to negotiate. Are we sure that Volodymyr is the right person? Because in order to sit at a table with Putin, you have to give up the clothes of a hero and put on those of a statesman. We will see

Matthew Messina money Two days before the arrest, he was in the supermarket and bought ground beef, two beers and detergent. And this shit?

– Spate of resignations in Kyiv, too many even to be just a question of alleged corruption or the like. Between the non-arriving leopards and the ongoing war, it seems to me that things are less rosy for Zelensky in Ukraine than we could have dreamed. No use hiding it: with 6 deputy ministers, 5 governors and number 2 of his staff sacked in a bad way, plus others that may soon be purged e.g Zelensky we are facing a real one earthquake Politics.

– Speaking of leopard, there’s one cute thing to say. there Poland it lobbied that Germany could send tanks to Kyiv, which it could not send without German authorization (which has now been obtained). Well, but Warsaw has no plans to give away its leopards. No: he will demand a refund from the EU, that is, from all European taxpayers, including those Germans who seem a bit reluctant to supply tracked vehicles to Ukraine.

– The negotiation of Sweden and Finland To enter the Born it will take a long time. According to today’s news, the negotiations have been postponed “indefinitely”. That is, Allah sees and provides. Erdogan knows that the more he pulls the rope, the more he gets. And NATO, but I would say the West supports the Sultan’s operation. Is it worth?

– The government is with you Bathe. In fact, the inter-ministerial table seems to have ordered the need for an extension of the delegation, which should have led to the Bolkestein bid and hence the beach concession tenders. An almost obligatory choice, as we said yesterday, after mediation with the gas stations that are on strike today.

– The mover of Matthew Messina money he was late and the boss, irritated, “changed his voice”. Now he’s scared, poor fellow, and I understand that. He has so much that he gives interviews to Corriere della Sera and has his first and last name and photo added. So if he were ever really targeted by the mafia, the killer personally wouldn’t risk making a mistake. brilliant

– It is true, GPT chat it is not 100% reliable. But does it surprise you? No, because it has only recently emerged and artificial intelligence must always be given time. The point is that in so few months they have managed to create an incredible system that manages to produce meaningful texts with information that is mostly reliable. Then just fix it and you’re done. To say: Is Google maybe 100% reliable on the information it shows you during a search? No, fake news is actually pouring in. Wait to decree ChatGPT’s untimely death.

Mattarella: “The constitution wants the independence of the judges”. Yes, but he also wants a suspect to be presumed genuinely innocent up to the third degree. This correspondence is private. And many other things that our sick judiciary and media circus have forgotten for too long.

– In the human resources department of traffic cops Medical certificates of all kinds arrive from Rome. Like this pizzardone, who had his doctor order a helmet and hat ban with galloping alopecia. Or the other who has “pulmonary insufficiency” so he can’t whistle. Full pay for both, but not fully deployable in the field. Then you’re trying to tell me why a private taxpayer who pays fines shouldn’t get mad at hearing nonsense like that?