Earthquake in Turkey, Spanish team: "Demolished building with people inside"


Valladolid firefighters from the Spanish rescue team arrived Turkey after earthquakereported after returning home that the buildings will be demolished before the salvage of the buildings is completed survived. Adiyaman was one of the cities hardest hit by the earthquake. One of them shared his frustration at seeing entire buildings being demolished in a place where hundreds of people could have lived, particularly a building that was known to have 180 residents and only 10 were saved.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Red Cross is organizing the shipment of over 105 tons of humanitarian aid to Turkey and Syria. According to the director of the emergency room, IƱigo Vila, “2,950 20-liter tanks for transporting drinking water, 3,800 woolen blankets, 2,200 thermal blankets, 15,700 plastic sheeting and 4,400 kitchen sets will be sent”. These materials are among the stocks that the Red Cross has prepared for emergencies in its warehouses in Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid and the Canary Islands, from where the materials are organized for dispatch as soon as possible.

The show should be available for distribution by the end of the week. Vueling airline will cooperate in transporting these goods and will take care of getting almost 10 tons of the material to Turkey as soon as possible.