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Earthquake in Turkey: at the heart of a French field hospital in Gölbasi

Posted on 02/14/2023 20:44

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D. Schiengler, F. Simoes, K. Yalciner, O. Sauvayre – France 2

France TV

WHO deplores the worst natural disaster in a century in the European zone, with the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria and claimed 35,000 lives. On Tuesday February 14, a French field hospital settled in the Gölbasi region of Turkey to help survivors.

As soon as he learned of the existence of a French field hospital, a young man rushed there to get his grandmother. “She can no longer resist the cold, she slept outside after the earthquake,” explains the young man. She complained of abdominal pain and was quickly taken care of in tents, which were set up in less than 48 hours. In Gölbasi, in a mountainous region of Turkey, the field hospital was dimensioned in such a way that it can accommodate up to 100 patients per day.

The nearby hospital is no longer operational

One woman already had a medical history, but her condition has deteriorated since the earthquake. An interpreter is always at the supervisors’ side. “It calms me to be treated here, and then it’s warmer than in the village,” says the patient. Since the earthquake, many survivors have been sleeping outside without tents. Some are injured, but the bodies are weak. The nearby hospital is no longer operational due to problems with electricity, water and heating. The patients are therefore transferred to the French field hospital by ambulance.

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