Eagles vs Jaguars Live Updates Match Highlights Score

Eagles vs Jaguars: Live Updates, Match Highlights, Score


The Philadelphia Eagles, the only undefeated team in the NFL, host the Jacksonville Jaguars at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon.

The weather isn’t so welcoming on Doug Pederson’s first trip back to the Linc. It’s a rainy and windy day in South Philly.

It could be argued that the poor conditions are working in the Jaguars’ favour. Since the Eagles are viewed as a superior team, any kind of unexpected deviation or odd element introduced into the matchup could potentially be an equalizer.

Regardless of whether the weather is a factor or not, this is a big game for the Birds. The Jaguars appear to be the toughest opponent they have faced to date. So it will be very interesting to see how the Eagles fare.

Bleeding Green Nation will be covering this game with live updates in the form of highlights, commentary, analysis, etc. Follow the page regularly and update it regularly.

(NOTE: This is NOT a game thread, this is a live blog turned into a game round-up. Use the game threads set by BGN for each quarter to discuss in-game events. The first quarter thread is HERE.)


  • The Eagles honored Doug Pederson as the Jaguars came out of the tunnel. No tribute video.
  • The Eagles won the coin toss and opted for a stay. Jag first.


  • The Jags ran for five yards and then Marcus Epps knocked down a pass from Trevor Lawrence for third place. On the 3rd and 5th, Christian Kirk dropped a pass that was too short anyway. Three and out.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 21-yard line after Britain Covey rebounded the ball and then tried to return it for a 2-yard gain. The Eagles came in 4th and 1st from their own 30-yard line and sneaked up with hurts. Risky but good aggressive call to try there. A few players later, Hurts threw to a tightly marked Zach Pascal for some reason and the ball was flipped in the air for a pick six. Looked like a pretty bad decision. Not AJ Brown’s best effort to prevent goal on return either. Eagles 0, jaguars 7.
  • The Eagles drove 18 yards before a jab after Hurt’s third goal for DeVonta Smith was broken down the touchline by the Jags. Thought DeVonta could have gotten back to the ball but also thought it could be complete with more zip on the pass.
  • Arryn Siposs holed the ball from the Eagles 47 for a touchback. So 27 meters difference. Maybe you’re trying to find a punter that won’t just kick the end zone? On the 3rd and 5th, Lawrence had plenty of time to find a wide open Jamal Agnew. The Jaguars drove effortlessly into the red zone. James Robinson was pulled out by Patrick Johnson but the ball bounced straight at Kirk, lucky for Jacksonville. On the 2nd-and-goal, the Jags executed a play similar to Nelson Agholor’s touchdown against the Bears in 2016, where he moved inside and then back out to break free for a wide-open result. Dougie P plays the hits. EAGLE 0, JAGUAR 14.
  • Hurts rolled right and found AJ Brown for a 31-yard gain. The Eagles came in 3rd and 5th from their own 42-yard line, running with Sanders. That run led to a 4th and 3. Hurts rolled left, got hit, and threw himself out of the field for a turnover on downs. Not good!


  • Agnew was open for a touchdown, but Lawrence brought him down. CJ Gardner-Johnson missed a tackle to earn a 3rd and 3rd place finish for the Jags. In third place came Josh Sweat with a tackle without a win. Big Balls Doug took a gamble on the fourth down and…Lawrence dropped the ball(!) to recover Cox. It never hurts to be lucky.
  • The Eagles opened their drive with a screen for Kenneth Gainwell for a two-yard loss. Feels like the birds are forcing it on him too often. Hurts made a nice throw down the middle to Brown for a first down. Then a canopy went to Goedert for 26 yards after going wide open. Hurts beat Brown for a score … but it was recalled for a total bullshit that pinned Dallas Goedert. Check out this weak sauce:

The Birds were pushed back to their own 20-yard line, but they didn’t let that stop them from scoring. A Hurts run in third place made it to the 3-yard line. The Eagles made it, and Hurts propelled through heavy contact to the Eagles’ first result. That’s where Hurt’s legs came out big. Needed that TD. Eagles 7, jaguars 14.

  • The Jags went three-and-out after Doug went 3rd and 10th with a coward draw. The Eagles thank you, Doug.
  • The Eagles drove off the Jags’ 29-yard line for 3rd and 1st and converted with another Hurts sneak. Trey Sermon took his first touch with the Eagles, gaining 14 yards, a nice run on his part. Two plays later, Sanders drew and followed heavy blocking (particularly from Jason Kelce) into the end zone. Big theme of this ride, Philly beating the Jags up front. tie game! EAGLE 14, JAGUAR 14.
  • The Jags had a botched snap on the 3rd and 1st that eventually counted as a rebound for the Eagles, although initially it was hard to see exactly who had the ball on the replay. Apparently it was Haason Reddick. Second big Jags fumble leading to an Eagles diner.
  • The Eagles took over at the Jags’ 35-yard line. They got 3rd and 2nd from the 13 yard line and Sanders ran a yard. On the 4th and 1st, the Eagles converted easily with another sneak. Two players later, a tie against Gainwell resulted in a touchdown for the Eagles. The RB had a lot of room to work in the middle. Jake Elliott missed the extra point as the wind didn’t do him any favors. Eagles 20, jaguars 14.




  • Jordan Davis has officially recorded a start in defensive tackle.
  • Josiah Scott started at Nickel Cornerback in place of Avonte Maddox.
  • Britain Covey replaced Quez Watkins as the Eagles’ kick returner.


  • Darius Slay went into the dressing room after the Eagles’ first save.
  • Jordan Mailata jogged to the locker room as the Eagles opened their second offense. Jack Driscoll replaced him at left tackle.
  • Patrick Johnson was beaten up in the second quarter. Had a head injury.