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e Paixão: Irene lies about Berenice’s alleged contagious disease and scares Antônio greatly…


Afraid of losing her marriage, the villain is willing to do anything to kill her husband’s lover.

Photos: Reproduction/Rede GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Rede Globo

After Antônio (Tony Ramos) discovered the secrets of Irene (Glória Pires), he didn’t think twice and immediately went in search of a lover. The farmer of the La Selva family finally settled with Berenice (Thati Lopes) and left the gold digger to his wife.

After ordering Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo) to put a snake in her rival’s room and hiring lawyer Rodrigo (Maicon Rodrigues) to cut the scammer’s bar, Irene won’t stop and already has other plans to try to get the scammer out of her husband’s life.

In the next few chapters, the situation gets a little trickier. After Luana (Valéria Barcellos) manages to become the owner of the bar, Nice (Alexandra Richter) suddenly seems to be demanding her rights and soon after proves to be very close to Irene.

In a conversation between the two, Nice tells Irene that Antônio intends to give Berenice money to buy the bar. From that moment, the matriarch of La Selva begins to think about her next plan. The villain invents for her husband that Berenice is suffering from an infectious disease, which terrifies the farmer.

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