e are the new fascists so they impose a single

e are the new fascists, so they impose a single thought on us

What happens between the damask rooms of the political palaces? What do MPs whisper to each other between coffee and coffee? There are no secrets in Rome, especially in La Buvette. A weekly podcast covering all the behind-the-scenes politics. The agreements, the betrayals and the twists and turns of the leaders down to the smallest parliamentarians ready to do anything not to lose the privilege of the seat. The power. Everyone plays their own game, but not everyone manages to win it. Very few are saved, especially after the seats are cut. Favourite game? Getting rid of “the other”. Parliament is the new Squid Game.

Fascism exists, it lives. And it’s certainly not in the palaces of politics, on the contrary. We saw it at the Torino Book Fair when a small group of girls dressed in T-shirts stopped the family minister Eugenia Rockella speak. We see it in commercials, movies and cartoons rewritten for the new generations with the sole purpose: to impose an idea. Imposing thought, the unique LGBTQ thought etc. etc. through propaganda. A new narrative in the name of equality.

So everything changes, even the vocabulary to be used. The mayor becomes “mayor”; The engineer becomes “engineer” and so on. Not to mention those who insist on using even that black, the “e” was turned upside down to understand each other, which paralyzed the Italian language. Yes, because there are those who want to destroy the genre. No longer the man and the woman, but the individual. No longer the father and mother, but the parents. One and two if necessary. An arrogance in the name of ideology. If that isn’t fascism. Thus the “ə” becomes the manifesto of the thought groups. Yes, because the militants of the “ə” are not satisfied with propaganda, they go even further. Push through the thought, sometimes with violence. Also verbally.

Of course things get out of control. Just turn on the TV to see how two married men become a family (including a child) and just go to the cinema to watch it the new little mermaid (soon also in cinemas in Italy) to make it happen: black (or black) protagonist with a white father and a tangled story. “Because you have to adapt to the times,” they say, but we dictate them. We are the protagonists of this time, our time. But not only that, today ideologism is also making its way into kindergartens or, even worse, into kindergartens, as happened in Bari, where a drag queen Christina Prenestina, complete with colorful wig, sequined dress and pearl necklace, told the (unsuspecting) children a special fairy tale. redirected.


Here it is fascism. Children transformed into little tables, plagiarized despite their tender age. What is the rush to impose a thought? none. Just grow up and be raised well (by a mom and dad) to explore the world. That of drag queens and beyond. Nothing yet. Because for Francesco Pierri, aka Cristina, “it is right to tell a new world, to have a story that does not refer to fairy tales that were good for a peasant society with patriarchal morals, but that can give a new world of imagination .” new generations. Identities and families change, it’s only right to let fairy tales breathe,” he says. By enforcing them. Long live freedom