Dystopian nightmare in Canada Great attack by the Conservative

“Dystopian nightmare” in Canada | Great attack by the Conservative Party against Justin Trudeau –

(Ottawa) Canada has turned into a “dystopian, government-controlled nightmare” under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, the “autocrat,” worries the Conservative Party’s communications director, who calls for a return to “optimism” with Pierre Poilievre at the helm Peak predicts head of the country.

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In the message she published on the X network on Monday, Sarah Fischer paints a bleak picture of the situation in the country. “Under Justin Trudeau’s autocratic regime, Canada has become a dystopian nightmare controlled by the government,” she said, alarmed. I can’t wait for this time to end.”

“I want Canada to once again become a country full of optimism, ambition, hope, innovation, promise and freedom,” she concluded in this message, which had been viewed more than 450,000 times as of this writing on Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s about galvanizing the base,” says Fred Delorey, who held the same position from 2009 to 2013. The decision to do this is based on who she is [Mme Fischer] is addressed and who its audience is. And when we see the many reactions, we see that people are excited about it.”

“The role of every opposition party is to show that there are problems that need to be solved. That’s what the party does. However, sometimes it might be necessary to make the language more nuanced,” says the former strategist, who is now a partner at PR firm Northstar.

According to Mélanie Richer, former communications director for NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, this release lacks consistency. “It’s contradictory. “She first talks about a dystopian nightmare, then she talks about hope,” she notes.

While she agrees “that people are angry with the Trudeau government,” she still believes this “American approach” has everything to displease Quebecers – perhaps even elected Quebecois members of the Conservative caucus, ” who do not take the same approach” as their counterparts from other provinces.

When contacted by La Presse, Pierre Poilievre’s office did not comment on Sarah Fischer’s statements, nor did the person primarily affected. She was appointed to this position in November 2022 and was an ardent supporter of the “Freedom Convoy” that shut down the streets of downtown Ottawa in the winter of 2022.

She also ran for the Conservative Party in the Don Valley North, Ontario constituency in the 2019 election. She placed second behind liberal Han Dong. The latter has been in office as an independent since being rocked by allegations of Chinese interference.