Dylan Dog’s new gift!     Photo 1 of 16    Sergio Bonelli    Sergio Bonelli Publishers

Dylan Dog’s new gift! Photo 1 of 16 Sergio Bonelli Sergio Bonelli Publishers

2023 promises to be of great importance to the worldNightmare Investigator because after the no. 437, due out in late January, which concludes the so-called “Return Trilogy,” created the character of Titian Slave picks up the traces of the past but remains anchored in the present. We will therefore see him reappear in the regular series, staying true to the original status quo but delving into the issues, demons, conflicts and obsessions of today’s world. the Dylan dog As originally conceived, it will have to deal more than ever with the digital revolution that has shaken the world in recent decades.

Dylan Dogs new gift Photo 1 of 16 Sergio Bonelli1674014360 511 Dylan Dogs new gift Photo 1 of 16 Sergio Bonelli

The character created by Tiziano Slavei takes up the traces of the past but remains anchored in the present.

The first register of the “rediscovered” Dylan is signed by Gabriella Contu and George Santucci, and is set in a city in the middle of nowhere centered around the classic, imposing hyperboloid shape of a nuclear power plant populated by disturbing blind figures. It will be then Barbara Barold and David Furno Entertain us with a story set in snowy London about a conspiracy hatched by monstrous beings that live next to us but we cannot see. Luke Vanzella Instead, he will attempt a story designed by George Pontrelli Between disputed inheritances, secluded mansions and tragic family secrets, Dylan reinterprets the stereotypes of the classic English thriller. Luigi Mignacco then, aided by the brushes of Fernando Caretta, will immerse us in a black comedy littered with the dead who return incessantly. during a Robert Recchioni and Konrad Roi We are indebted for an erotic horror in two books in which Craven Road’s tenant is hired to deal with the beautiful and the brutal lucille.

As for thatold boywhich will continue to rotate towards the end of the 1980s, Tito Faraci and Andrea Chella They will tell us about the first meeting between the Professor Adams and a very young Dylan (neither of whom had any memories) on the set of a demonic psycho party. Nonetheless, Faraci, this time along with Giorgio Pontrelli, is in charge of examining a series of dismembered corpses. Then it’s your turn John Freghieri and from Paul Bacilierifor the texts or from Andrew Cavaletto and Alexander Russo. It’s up to them to illustrate two screenplays that see the Old Boy in unusual eras and rural settings. Bruno Enna and Marco Niceli sign a story that has its roots both in the past and in the future, while Barbara Baraldi e Gianluca Acciarino will translate the confusing world of William Burroughs into comics.

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August will be the prerogative of Montanari & Grassani and there will be the now usual stories about Halloween and Christmas. The release of the announced Oldboy written entirely by has been postponed to a later date Alexander Billotta because of his other obligations. Like it Special who see, as usual, the creator of eternity and which resumes some threads from the previous special, The Hicks Project, with a focus on the character of opal with whom Dylan will enter into a complex relationship.

And then, the color festival where, after Marco Galliwill judge Franz Dossena Illustrator of three events linked by the color red and written by Diego Cajelli, Marco Nuci and Federico Rossi Edrighi. Instead, we will again spend the summer in the company of the incomparable grouchoand every summer we find them too magazine, with a completely renewed formula. You can find out how to do this on these pages!

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Appointment on Thursday, January 19 with a preview of 2023 Black Dragon!

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