Duhaime confident for Mondays vote

Duhaime confident for Monday’s vote

(Laval) The leader of the Quebec Conservative Party believes he has managed to win “the battle of ideas” on the final day of the election campaign. Éric Duhaime foresees hot battles in several regions. His caravan will make several stops between Montreal and Quebec on Sunday, including his first in the Beauce-Nord drive, where his candidate Olivier Dumais risks making life difficult for his CAQ opponent.

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Mylene Crete

Mylene Crete La Presse

“I think we will surprise when we open the ballot boxes,” said the conservative leader in his last press conference of the election campaign.

I think our set-up is underestimated at the moment and I’m confident we’ll surprise in many races tomorrow for both first and second places.

Eric Duhaime, Chairman of the PCQ

He expects a close finish in several races in the Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions and believes Conservatives will be competitive in Centre-du-Québec, Mauricie, 450, Abitibi and Lac-Saint-Jean.

“We’ve got to look at how many seats we’re winning, what percentage we’re getting nationally, but also how many constituencies the Conservative Party is coming second in, how many regions the Conservative Party is coming second in, because that means we’re going to say the be an alternative for the next [élection]. »

He recalled that the Conservatives started “with a slap and a boot”, meaning that they did not benefit from the same resources as the other four major parties. In one year, the PCQ managed to create 125 constituency associations and nominate as many candidates. The party’s rallies don’t run out of breath over the course of the weeks either.

“You saw, the largest rally on the West Island from Montreal, it wasn’t the Liberal Party that had it, it was the Quebec Conservative Party,” noted the Conservative leader. For him, this is a sign that his party has become “a credible alternative in the eyes of a growing number of Anglophones and allophones”.

Legault ‘trying to buy the election’

In a video posted to social media on Saturday, Coalition avenir Québec leader François Legault reminded voters that he would “send a check for $400-$600” if his party forms a government again.

Éric Duhaime hopes Quebecers won’t bite ‘the Caquiste hook’ “It’s always sad to see a politician trying to buy the elections who thinks the voters can be bought,” he said. […] He will give us back a fraction of what he takes too much from our pockets. That’s the reality. »

The Conservative leader stopped at Saint-Hyacinthe, where a hundred enthusiastic supporters were waiting for him. Then he stopped in Daveluyville. Two other stops are planned on this last day of the campaign, in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce and finally in the ride of Chauveau, where Éric Duhaime hopes to be elected.