Dua Lipa squanders beauty as artwork under the rainbow show

Dua Lipa squanders beauty as artwork under the rainbow show

Dua Lipa squanders beauty as artwork under the rainbow (instagram)

Dua Lipa exudes beauty as a work of art under the rainbow | instagram

Posing under a rainbow, beautiful singer Dua Lipa offered a spectacular view worthy of a postcard as she squandered beauty from her best angles while in Iceland enjoying the break she was taking from her tour.

Well, the interpreter of “Don’t start now“He is on short vacation as he has 10 days to rest from his successful tour”nostalgia of the future“, his last show was on June 11, he will return with the scheduled dates on June 21, so he decides to take a break and have a good holiday sharing everything with his fans through social networks.

As Dua Lipa is a fan of taking his followers to all the places he visits to share his experiences, so this time it wouldn’t be any different, from the country Iceland (Iceland) he decides to show the adventures he lives, and hangs nine photos taken at that location and above the location highlighting two of them, where the singer is shown swimming in the beautiful sky with a beautiful rainbow.

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A gray sky, it seemed like a big rain was coming, the 26-year-old British woman would apparently look like she was recording something, since there were several production artifacts, now the beautiful singer would decide to cool off in the lake and attaches a miniclip of him enjoying the water while swimming.

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Dua Lipa squanders beauty as a work of art under a rainbow, photo: instagram

And in the freshness of the water, she would opt for a photo with a spectacular view from behind, because in the middle of nature, with lots of vegetation, trees, the beauty of the sky, covered by pronounced clouds and an incredible rainbow that the picture grabs the attention of his attracted more than 84 million followers.

Dua Lipa I would choose to caption the post by writing:

“48 hours in Iceland with 24 hours of daylight, we love adventure…”

Many of the comments referred to the beauty that flooded the picture, calling it “out of this world”, “queen”, “radiant” and other compliments on her work and person, some others anxiously asking her to take time for herself and take her will to rest.

BY CLICKING HERE you can admire the contribution Dua Lipa.

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