drunken promises

drunken promises

Exercise more, take responsibility, spend less, drink less, spend more time with my family…

Every year we say the same thing.

And every year we postpone those beautiful promises to the following year.


With your feet on the stool or your butt in the sand, it’s easy to make holiday resolutions!

Life has paused and the carousel has stopped turning.

We have time to think, to read, to build beautiful castles in Spain, with lottery tickets we didn’t even buy…

But it only takes everyday life to start again for the promises to take over, like a toy you’re tired of after a week on all fours.

There’s the job that comes back and that grabs us by the shirt collar again, and with the job, the stress, and with the stress, the cigarette, the alcohol and the food…

Bye, gym, books, kids!

And hello extra pounds and snoring evenings in front of the TV…

We thought we were going to change our lives and find ourselves stuck in an eternal groundhog day.


Do you know how to change bad habits?

Don’t think, “Next week, tomorrow, first thing in the morning of the new year…”

But do it now.


Change your life like tearing a bandage. At once.

It’s the only way.

Because the more we push back, the less we do.

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You alone

What’s stopping you from exercising more, drinking less and eating less?

You alone.

You keep complaining about the bars of your cage that keep you trapped, even though you have the key in your pocket.

Come on, put it in the lock and turn it.


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