Drought: Planes bomb clouds in China

Drought: Planes bomb clouds in China

Hit by an unprecedented heatwave, China is using cloud seeding technique to bring back rain, according to CNN.

Heat wave, drought and broken records… China faces difficult weather conditions again this summer. China’s weather agency said the country is experiencing the longest high-temperature period since 1961, when temperature records began, with 64 consecutive days of heat warnings in various regions since June. Several major cities recorded their hottest days on record, and the national observatory renewed high temperature red alerts on Wednesday, the most severe alert in its four-tier system.

The water volume of Sichuan’s major rivers decreased by 20-50% without rain, severely affecting hydroelectric power generation. More than 5 million people in south-west China are suffering intermittent power outages and many companies are being forced to halt or scale back production.

Prefer abundant rainfall

The minister in charge of water resources in China said Wednesday that the drought in the Yangtze-Kiang River basin “is adversely affecting the drinking water security of rural people and livestock, as well as the growth of plants.” Over several regions crossed by the river, China has deployed planes to try to hasten the rain’s return. According to CNN, the Hubei region was the last […] Continue reading

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