Drone attack sets Russian missile microchip manufacturing factory on fire

Drone attack sets Russian missile microchip manufacturing factory on fire, Ukraine says – New York Post


Ukraine war

September 1, 2023 | 1:50 p.m

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, a drone attacked and set fire to a Russian factory that produces microchips for the production of missiles on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday.

Videos shared on social media showed a thick column of smoke rising over the suburb of Lyubertsy, where the factory is located.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin claimed in a post on his Telegram channel that the Russian capital’s air defense systems shot down the drone.

“Initial reports indicate there were no casualties or damage. Emergency services are at the scene of the accident,” he wrote.

But Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s main intelligence agency, dismissed the mayor’s version as a lie.

“Sobyanin lied to everyone, [Russia’s] The air defense didn’t shoot down anything. The Tomilino electronics factory in Lyubertsy is burning. “This is the facility that the Russians use to produce electronics for their missiles,” Yusov was quoted as saying by the RBC Ukraine news agency.

A cloud of smoke rises over the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy after a suspected drone attack on Friday.Social Media/e2w

A series of drone attacks occurred across Russia this week, including in the Kursk and Belgorod regions and in the city of Pskov, which is more than 700 kilometers from Ukraine’s border with Russia.

Ukraine typically does not claim responsibility for drone strikes inside Russia, although Kiev officials have been known to publicly express satisfaction with them.

On Wednesday, another microchip factory in the Bryansk region was attacked in a nighttime drone strike.

Moscow’s mayor claimed Russian air defense systems shot down the drone and thwarted the attack – but a Ukrainian official said the claim was a lie. Social Media/e2w The Tomilino Electronic Factory on the outskirts of Moscow is said to have been on fire after the drone attack.Social Media/e2w

The unmanned aircraft was said to have been shot down by air defense and fell on the EL factory in Kremny, news channel Telegram Mash reported, which shared footage of a massive explosion that lit up the sky.

A fire ignited in one of the buildings on the plant’s sprawling campus – one of the largest microelectronic factories in Russia, employing about 2,000 workers, according to military blogger Romanov Light.


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