Drinking wine, Larissa Manoela squats down in a red dress that is too small: "butt up"

Drinking wine, Larissa Manoela squats down in a red dress that is too small: "butt up"

Ah, our constraints! Larissa Manoela, global actress, model and digital influencer, benefited from unpublished clicks from her recent trip to Italy. In them, the muse appears with a red dress and very showy.

+ Larissa Manoela tans her huge butt by the pool: “Recharge your batteries”

“Wine lovers add me. Even more in love after visiting the precious @luminositawinebr winery here in Tuscany. Without a doubt, this trip has already been added to the favorites list,” he wrote in the publication’s caption. In the photos, Larissa Manoela poses in a red dress and still smiles passionately.

“I know everyone says that to you but what a beautiful woman!!!” wrote one follower in the comment box. “I’ve been a huge fan of Lari for a few years now, I can’t,” pointed out another.

Larissa Manoela reveals how she was received at Globo and talks about her first work

During an interview with Quem magazine, Larissa Manoela opened her heart and revealed how she was accepted into Rdee Globo and spoke about her first salaries.

“I was very well received at the train station. I think I’m living a very happy period in my life. I have more time in my career as a child actress than as an actress,” said Larissa Manoela.

“Now I have a job that isn’t childish or high school. It’s also a historical novel. I had a dream to do a character that wasn’t contemporary,” he concluded.


+ After showing off her thighs with a PP skirt, Larissa Manoela abuses her cleavage to prove she’s “turbinated”.

+ Larissa Manoela stands for Italians with a striking décolleté and shows other perspectives: “I’ve arrived here”

+ After all the volume has been tanned, Larissa Manoela is filmed rolling around with “baile no morro.”