Don’t Get These Tattoos If You Don’t Want to Get in Trouble

Don’t Get These Tattoos If You Don’t Want to Get in Trouble

A tattoo artist shared three images on his TikTok account that allude to Nazism and can go unnoticed by people who can even tattoo these symbols without knowing why. Check them out below:


One tattoo that is trending right now is the birth year tattoo. One of the most common tattoo styles is to only draw the last two of the year of birth. However, care should be taken when choosing this image, as the number 88 alludes to National Socialism.

The eighth letter of the alphabet is the H and the combination of two Hs (two numbers eight) is taken as a salute to the leader of the fascist regime in Germany.

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Another seemingly harmless tattoo that many unsuspecting people come across and copy on the internet without knowing the meaning is the SS.

Schutzstaffel was a special group formed in 1925 to protect Hitler and the Nazi Party. The symbol is used today by neoNazi groups.

SS tattoo alludes to National Socialism.

18 tooth skull (Skull)

Tattooing a skull is quite common, but this one has a special feature. As with the first explanation, the 18 tooth symbols must also be counted in the alphabet, with 1 representing the first letter, the A, and the 8 representing the eighth, H, of Adolf Hitler.

Therefore, before undertaking the procedure, do some research to learn more about the tattooed design.

18 tooth skull is a Nazi symbol

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