Dont die without knowing you can tour the cockpit of

Don’t die without knowing: you can tour the cockpit of an airplane

Have you ever wondered what happens in the cockpit of an airplane? Did you know that it is possible to visit this place and see how everything works? That’s right, this is an oddity that few people know, but that one passenger decided to share on Instagram.

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Tips on how to get the most out of air travel

Ana Baldaçara is a civil engineering student who loves architecture and travel. On her social network profile, she shares some of her adventures around the world and shares tips for those who want to make the most of their trip. One such tip is what to do on the plane after landing.

How to inspect the cockpit of an airplane

According to Ana, many people are in a hurry to get off the plane as soon as it arrives at the destination, but this can cause them to miss an incredible opportunity. She says if you’re the last person off the plane, you can ask to tour the cockpit and see how the plane is operated.

In a video posted to her Instagram, Ana shares her experience visiting the cabin of a Gol airline plane. She was impressed by the variety of buttons, screens and controls that pilots use to fly. She was also able to talk to them and clear up some doubts about the operation of the plane.

Internet users’ reaction to the video

Ana’s video was very successful on the social network, receiving more than 15,000 shares, 216 comments and thousands of likes. Many netizens were surprised by this possibility and said that they would try to do the same on their next plane trip.

“Next time I travel I will!” commented one follower. “Tip for people who want to tour the cabin: Don’t touch the controls or buttons. If you do this, ask the flight attendants for permission,” warned another follower.

If you are also curious what the cockpit of an airplane looks like, check out Ana’s video on her Instagram profile. Who knows, maybe you’d be happy to pay us a visit on your next trip?

Visit the link and watch the video.