Donald Trump will be able to return to Facebook and

Donald Trump will be able to return to Facebook and Instagram, announces Meta

He will be able to make a comeback. Meta announced Wednesday that it would end Donald Trump’s suspension from Facebook and Instagram, two years after banning him following the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol.


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“The public needs to be able to hear what politicians are saying so they can make informed decisions,” Nick Clegg, Meta’s head of international affairs, said in a statement.

Meta claims to have “safeguards” in place with “enhanced sanctions” applicable to “any public figure reinstated after a civil unrest-related suspension.” If he violates Facebook’s allegations, his posts will be deleted and he can be blocked for a period of one month to two years “depending on the seriousness of the violation”.

Temporarily exclusive to Truth Social

Responding on the Truth Social Network, Donald Trump insisted he should never have been out of place: “This should never happen again to an incumbent President or anyone who doesn’t deserve punishment! He also assures that the future of his Truth social network is “boundless”.

When he returns to Facebook or Twitter remains to be seen. According to documents provided to stock exchange authorities, Donald Trump has signed an agreement granting Truth Social six-hour exclusivity on all social media posts. This agreement runs until June 21, 2023, but can theoretically be terminated by Donald Trump “in the event of force majeure”. Whatever happens, he should be able to return when the Republican primary starts this summer.