Donald Trump sued for alleged rape

Donald Trump sued for alleged rape

Following a change in the law that extends the statute of limitations, US author Jean Carroll can now sue former President Donald Trump. In the mid-1990s, he sued her in a department store in New York, which she accused him of for a long time.

Jean Carroll, 78, is seeking damages from Donald Trump for assault and damage to his reputation, among other things, according to a lawsuit filed by his lawyers on Thursday.

As soon as the law was changed, a lawsuit came

Trump has repeatedly denied the rape charge. So far, Carroll has not accused Trump of the rape charge, only of defamation. Because the deadline for filing criminal charges for sexual assaults in the 1990s had long since expired. A new law in the US state of New York now provides this opportunity for victims of sexual violence in previous cases. Carroll’s lawyers filed the new lawsuit immediately after it took effect on Thursday.

defamation suit

The defamation lawsuits, which have been running for some time, relate to statements made in 2019. Carroll made the rape allegation public in an excerpt from a book. Trump denied the allegations, saying, among other things, that she was not his type. He also accused her of just wanting to sell her new book. Carroll then sued Trump for portraying her as a liar and therefore defaming her.

In October, Trump had to testify under oath at the trial. The hearing was suspended by an appeals court as judges must clarify whether Trump is protected from legal action for statements he made during his 2017-2021 presidency.