Donald Trump Had His Ex  Wife Ivana Buried On His Golf Course

Donald Trump Had His Ex Wife Ivana Buried On His Golf Course

As the British “Chron” reports on its website, Ivana Trump was buried at Donald Trump’s golf course in Bedminster (New Jersey). There is a family grave there, in which the former US president would also like to be buried one day. However, the final resting place appears to be quite gloomy. The images of photographer Daniel William McKnight travel the world. You can see a fresh grave on the edge of a forest, a small bouquet of white flowers and a small plaque. Trump has held a license to build a 10-person cemetery there since 2014.

The family cemetery on the golf course should not be completely altruistic, writes “Parish & Company”. Because a cemetery in New Jersey costs less in taxes than a golf course. Raising eight goats on the site likely has a similar track record — because the property is also considered farmland, which also costs less in taxes, as the Wall Street Journal reports.

died in an accident

Ivana Trump died at her home, also on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, near Central Park, as a result of an accident, according to coroners. According to media reports, she fell down a flight of stairs.

Born in what is now the Czech Republic, Ivana Trump has worked as an athlete, businesswoman and model, among other things, and was married to Donald Trump between 1977 and 1992.