Dona Dea Lucia revolts with Livia Andrade and says I

Dona Déa Lúcia revolts with Lívia Andrade and says: “I do not depend on men” ON OFF

viewers who saw this “Sunday with Huck” Broadcast yesterday (01), noted the real climate formed during the “Believe Who Wants”. Already in the last moments of the painting, Lívia Andrade used a speech by Jojo Todynho to make fun of Dona Déa Lúcia’s clothes, receiving a nasty reply at the end. “Sincecerona”, the mother of the eternal Paulo Gustavo, left her colleague, visibly embarrassed.

The matter was initiated by Luciano Huckwho asked Jojo to offer advice to the public: “After this ‘Pode Isso Dona Déa’, already to start our year, considering that today is the first day of 2023… Jojo Todynho, would you have any thoughts, any Reflection that can help us brighten up the year 2023. Can you share it with the people watching us at home?” asked the Sunday program presenter on Rede Globo.

Between the lines, the singer said, “I have! I don’t know who painted the zebra, but I want the rest of the paint.” Not quite understanding the purpose of his guest’s speech, Angélica’s husband said, “I’ll think about who saved on the zebra paint, I’ll really think about it I don’t know what that means, but I’ll try to understand and reflect on these reflections that Jordana made today on “Domingão” This is Lívia, what are you thinks?”.

Using the reflection of the funk artist, Livia Andrade He didn’t think twice before poking fun at Dona Déa Lúcia’s outfit: “It was deep, it was too much. Even Dona Déa could answer that because she came as a zebra on the first day of the year. Where is the rest of the ink?” Without beating about the bush, Paulo Gustavo’s mother surprised and shot: “Look, she’s jealous of me… Silver is enough! The thing is to come from Zebra, black and white. I’m beautiful, fat, empowered, work and expect no money from any man,” she said, laughing out loud.


Immediately after, Luciano Huck couldn’t contain his emotions and finally burst into tears while paying homage to José Silveira Júnior, better known as Zé, cinematographer of “Domingão”, who retired and shot his last show: “The eyes of the audience are exactly the camera lenses and the eyes I’ve been following my journey for the longest time in my life since TV Bandeirantes came out in 1997 from this guy: José Silveira Júnior. Zé and his camera are retiring. This is the last show he does with us in this studio.”

Angélica’s husband showed all the affection he feels for his work colleague and life partner: “Guys, Zé is an eyewitness of my life because we started working together in 1997, there at TV Bandeirantes, that is, we have been together for 25 years. Zé saw all my agony, Zé saw it when I arrived here at Globo, Zé saw my difficulties in the early years, Zé saw me fall in love with Angélica, he saw me get married and have children.