1653247749 Domenica In insults from Mara Venier as soon as the

Domenica In, insults from Mara Venier as soon as the live broadcast starts: "Nothing cosmic"what happened

Domenica In insults from Mara Venier as soon as the

Curtain up. Here we are at a new episode of Domenica In, the Kingdom of Mara Venierthe broadcast that keeps Italy company on Rai 1 like every Sunday. A transmission that has now rediscovered the lightness of its origins, leaving behind the long brackets Covid and war in Ukraine that have shaped the last two years of the format.

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Nevertheless, this lightness from many viewers called on Twitterobviously does not satisfy all tempers. Yes, because right after the curtain rose against Domenica In e Mara Venier a toxic social controversy was unleashed.

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Why never? The usual suspects, the usual keyboard lions, disputed two of the first names to appear in Domenica’s Study: Gianluca Vacchithe entrepreneur recently got into a lawsuit against his brother, e.g Luigi Strangisthe winner of the latest edition of Amici di Maria DeFilippi. Well, as mentioned, hostile comments immediately began to pile up: “Cosmic Nothing”, “La Venier no longer knows who to invite to fuck”, “But what exactly is the need to have Gianluca Vacchi on TV too?”, ” change the channel ? immediately”. And these are just some of the tweets that immediately targeted the broadcast. Fortunately, they …