1664729178 Domenica In Asia Argento quotstop breaking mequotVenier in shock

Domenica In, Asia Argento: "stop breaking me"Venier in shock

Domenica In Asia Argento quotstop breaking mequotVenier in shock

Asia Argento was a guest of Mara Venier in the living room of Sunday In, on Rai1. The actress dealt with a very sensitive subject: the person concerned Anthony bourdain, a former partner who took his own life in 2018. His biography will be published on October 11, but it is not authorized: the members of the family had expressed the opposite opinion. “Life has beaten me,” Argento began bitterly.

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“He’s been suffering from depression for some time – he explained – when you’re feeling this bad just look for something that will give you relief, that can stop your discomfort. Suicide is the reaction to pain”. Among other things, Argento found himself in the midst of some controversy over leaking the contents of the last message sent to Bourdain: “Stop breaking me”. The actress then took the opportunity offered by Venier to clarify what had happened: “He was suffering from depression. I was happy at the time because I would have started X Factor.”

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“If I had answered him further,” he added, “my mood would have been affected”: Among other things, their relationship was very special because they formed an open couple. A type of relationship that Argento would never repeat today: “It can’t work for someone like me”.