Dollars are thrown out of a window of the Grand

Dollars are thrown out of a window of the Grand Packard Iberostar Hotel in Havana

CUBITANOW Newsroom ~ Friday February 17, 2023

A crowd of Cubans ran outside a Havana hotel to catch dollars thrown out a window.

American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose birth name is Daniel Hernández, would have thrown dollars out of his window in a Havana hotel today


6ix9ine is visiting Cuba, and although he was undercover, he didn’t go unnoticed.

In addition to photos with some customs officers who recognized him, he caused quite a stir that day by throwing money onto the street from his hotel room. A gesture that is not new to the artist.

A video shared by opposition member Saul Sánchez shows the moment hundreds of young Cubans ran outside the hotel where Tekashi is said to be staying to grab some of the money.

“Warning, preliminary information: right now, a famous American rapper named SixNine has just caused a commotion in front of the Grand Packard Iberostar Hotel, on the Prado and Malecón in Havana by throwing dollars in the air, which has led to the Thousands of young people have gathered to capture them, who have been dispersed by the repressive police commanded, among others, by the oppressor known by the pseudonym “Camilo”. We keep updating,” Sánchez wrote about the event in another publication.

“Look, look, these are the people of Cuba,” says one person during filming, affirming that it was an “artist” who threw the dollars.

Police can also be heard over loudspeakers in the background trying to stop the demonstration and disarm the huge group.

The artist has not yet published any comments on his profiles on social networks, nor has he admitted to having starred at the moment.

Tekashi 6ix9ine arrived in Cuba this week and was photographed at the airport with some local workers who left evidence of his arrival.

The rapper is known for his eagerness to show off his rumored money and life of luxury. He has challenged several musicians of his generation, accusing them of buying songs, and has even served time in prison for events in his past.

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