Dog is rescued from a manhole thanks to Apple Locator

Dog is rescued from a manhole thanks to Apple Locator

A year-old Australian Shepherd named Seamus was saved thanks to a AirTagApple fire locator after it was swept away by flood waters in San Bernardino County after escaping its owner, California.

Emilie Brill recounts that while she was taking him for a walk, the pup escaped and suddenly landed in a turbulent flood control pond near the intersection of I-215 and I-10, washing the dog away before she could grab him. San Bernardino County firefighters and the Los Angeles station KABC reported.

Seamus in a fire truck after being rescued. Photo: San Bernardino County Fire Department/Facebook

“It escaped me and just went down this drain and the water ran so fast I think it just took one paw in the water and it was gone,” Brill told KABC after Seamus was rescued.

Thanks to the help of the device and the local fire department, who called Brill as soon as the dog fell into the water, they were able to see each other again just hours later.

Thanks to Seamus’ Apple AirTag, firefighters were able to locate a sewer, open it up and say they saw a very tired but grateful dog looking straight at them.

“After examining the dog, he appeared unharmed and in good spirits,” a member of the San Bernardino Fire Department told KABC, adding, “While we would have loved to have turned Seamus into a firefighter puppy, we were glad to be able to get the.” dog with his owners”.