Dog is kicked out of daycare for a day and reaction goes viral

Dog is kicked out of daycare for a day and reaction goes viral

Puppy Jack was sorry for making a mess at daycare.

Replay/Tik Tok 01/17/2023

Puppy Jack was sorry for making a mess at daycare.

Jack is a puppy with black fur
spaniel breed

who lives with her guardian in England. On social networks, Aguida Silva shares the routine with the pet in the country of the Queen and a certain moment was successful on social networks: the dog was suspended

In the post, written on Tik Tok, the tutor reads a letter she received from the owners of the Pula Pula daycare center, who revealed that Jack has two curious nicknames that do justice to the animal’s behavior: “serelepe” and “motinha”. .

“This is the boy Jack, we got a letter from daycare because he’s suspended,” the teacher begins in the video, which has more than 1.9 million views.

“Hello mum to the pet boy Jack who has the nicknames ‘serelepe’ and ‘motinha’. “I’m unemployed because you’re suspended from kindergarten, Jack.”

Aguida continues reading the letter and reveals the series of “violations” that led to the pet’s suspension.

“Jack didn’t behave well today, he broke into the cafeteria without permission, ate his friend Joaquim’s meal and encouraged Indiana and Bento [a participarem da bagunça]who isn’t that friendly to Jack but went on tour with him”.

The owners of the house even kindly asked to warn the dog about the misbehavior: “I ask you to talk to him seriously so that something like this does not happen again. An ‘au au’ for him and thank you very much.”

After reading the letter, Aguida turns to Jack and demands clarification as to what happened: “What do you have to tell me, Jack? Look at the mother here. I don’t want you to misbehave in daycare, man. Now the two of us will be here all day.”

Jack always seems to understand that something is wrong and that his behavior has not been well received by his tutor. The dog looks out the window several times, waiting for the time to go to daycare.

“Give me five more?” said the tutor, commanding the pet to paw, which he didn’t. “Are you nervous about not going to daycare? You look at the window now and think you’re going to daycare, but you’re not going today,” the tutor concluded.

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