Does the “coffee cup test  work in a job interview?   School education

Does the “coffee cup test work in a job interview? School education

THE continue It is the gateway for a company to meet its candidates. In addition to submitting the document, there are other factors that can be decisive in the interview. What many don’t know is that coffee may or may not hire someone using the “coffee cup test” method.

In Australia this is a very common way of evaluating candidates. This allows recruiters to learn more details about the person who applied for that job posting.

coffee cup method

This was one of the ways to rate someone who became popular in the Xero company Australia. The company said it evaluates applicants over a cup of coffee. However, the evaluation is really when the contestant starts drinking and how he positions the cup.

These options are evaluated:

• When the contestant leaves the cup on the table without asking permission;
• If you ask where the cup can be placed;
• When the contestant asks if he can take the dishes to the kitchen.

Xero director Trent Innes said it’s a method that gives an indepth knowledge of who they’re hiring, how the person behaves, and their education. The entrepreneurial spirit and togetherness are also valued through the cup of coffee.

In a podcast, Innes explained the company’s true intent with the method:

“We really want to make sure we have people with ownership.”

Of the options evaluated, the best is when the candidate is willing to clean the cup. The worst result is when the candidate leaves the cup on the table. The method isn’t always excellent, as the main help of the cup is to eliminate the worst candidates and move on with the best options.